Why you should a live poker tracking app with cloud storage

I have tried well over 15 live poker tracking apps over the years, and inevitably I would run into issues with my data. Either the developer would walk away, the app would lose compatibility with a new phone update or the app would be unable to efficiently import or export data. Track My Poker alleviatesContinue reading “Why you should a live poker tracking app with cloud storage”

Why track your live poker sessions?

For most of us poker is about the challenge and excitement of winning pots against your opponents or friends! Whether you are playing for big bucks at the casino or for a few dollars at the Friday night home game, it is important to track your results. Whether you are a recreational or professional grinderContinue reading “Why track your live poker sessions?”

Why use Track My Poker (TMP)

I have been a poker player for over 15 years and have tried many different poker tracking apps over the years. Inevitably with most poker tracking apps, the developer stops supporting the app, often without notice and the app will become useless after a new phone software update. After becoming frustrated with the lack ofContinue reading “Why use Track My Poker (TMP)”

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